Renting vs. Buying Mats

Did you know that renting your mats instead of purchasing them could be costing your business thousands of dollars in additional expenses?

Use the calculator below to find how much money could be saved over a three year span.*


*This calculator is meant to be used as a general estimate using competitive industry rates. We used a standard 3′ x 4′ wiper mat for our calculations.

Addition benefits:

By purchasing your mats, your business will experience substantial cost savings in the long run.

Since your business owns the mats, you will not need to pay typical rental fees, such as delivery fees, fuel surcharges, maintenance fees and cleaning fees.

Standard rental service calls vary from weekly to monthly, but businesses should maintain mats daily. You will have to pay your rental company for the service fees, and you will also have to pay your employee or an outside contractor for frequent, daily upkeep.

Instead of paying the rental company and your employees for the same maintenance service, you can cut expenses, purchase your mats and only pay your employee or contractor for the upkeep. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a cost calculator on renting versus buying.

Rental companies use fuel for delivery, pickup and maintenance. By purchasing mats outright and avoiding the service and deliver trips by the rental company you will be positively impacting the environment.

When rental mats are older and not properly maintained, more water and energy must be used for washing and drying. The chemicals used for the cleaning goes into the waste water, which goes into our water sources.

High performance mats made out of recycled material have a high performance rate for 5 years to 10 years with proper upkeep. These mats are more economically and environmentally friendly than ones typically used by rental companies

Rental mats can range from brand new to 10-years-old. When renting, you never know exactly what you will get. If the mat is older, the mat will be run down and will create safety issues. The fibers on rental mats can get run down quickly. Because of this, dirt and water will track through the building, creating a mess and a safety hazard.

Are you thinking about renting multiple mats from the same company? The mats could be in completely different conditions. Some mats may come in sizes that do not fit properly where you need them. Using more than one mat in an area creates tripping hazards. Most outside scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats and kitchen mats are never changed by the rental company, and on top of that, the mats are likely old. Coupled with poor upkeep, you have another safety hazard.

When purchasing a new mat, the mat’s border keeps dirt and water on the mat, and the high quality fibers eliminates crushing. Owning a mat will provide you with years of high performance.

Purchasing your mats will allow your business to choose colors and specific sizes that will complement your interiors, match your branding and will ensure all mats look uniform. Purchasing mats allows you the option of adding your logo or marketing message to help drive home your branding.

Since the quality and appearance of rental mats can differ slightly or extremely, you are taking a risk when renting.

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