Workers-Delight Spark Safe anti-fatigue welding mat is resistant to sparks, increasing worker safety. Now with our patneted Zedlan® Foam, this welding mat provides 50 percent more comfort than traditional mats. Workers-Delight Spark-Safe™ specially formulated spark resistant rubber surface decreases the chance of fire by repelling sparks and hot metals. Provides a combination of anti-fatigue and slip resistance for areas that require high performance.


  • Durable anti-fatigue mat that repels sparks and hot metal shards
  • Textured surface improves traction in dry areas
  • Soft foam base provides excellent anti-fatigue relief
  • New slip-resistant coating on underside of mat ensures steadiness and control on smooth surfaces

#545 – Standard 5/8″ Thick
#555 – Ultra 7/8″ Thick (provides 50% more comfort)


Provide a heavy duty solution for dry areas e.g.: Machine Shop, Assembly Line, Steel Mill, Maintenance Department

Anti-Fatigue: 100 out of 100
Durability 90 out of 100
Traction 90 out of 100