Wear-Bonded™ Tuff Spun® is a good solution for economical comfort and long-term durability! Durable vinyl top offers a long lasting mat material. Offers a safe, non-slip surface that greatly reduces the risk of falls. Intelligent solution to increase worker productivity and motivation while reducing risk of accident.


  • Durable abrasion-resistant vinyl top bonded to a low-density PVC sponge
  • Exclusive Fusion technology molecularly bonds layers together without the use of adhesives
  • Excellent puncture-resistant surface

#520 – Deck-Top Surface*
#522 – Pebble
*Not available in gray


Provides a medium duty solution for dry areas e.g.: Work Station, Pick Module, Pharmacy and Packaging Area.

Anti-Fatigue: 30 out of 100
Durability: 60 out of 100
Traction: 80 out of 100