Spaghetti Mat™ is our classic solution for custom large surfaces and when slip-resistance is necessary! Non-directional pattern allows for multi directional scraping ability. Economical mat for outdoor applications. As a scraper, Spaghetti Mat™ will help keep most of debris and dirt outside the building.

  • PVC loop structure with vinyl backing
  • Dries quickly, resists mildew and fading
  • Also available without backing to facilitate the flow of water


For interior areas with light traffic. e.g.: Office building, Small retail store, Bank/Postal service, Church, Motel/Inn.

#130 – Backed (offered with or without crimped or applied vinyl nosing)
#131 – Unbacked (offered with or without crimped or applied vinyl nosing)

*Please specify all sides of custom cuts that are to have edging

Scraping Ability 50 out of 100
Wiping Ability 10 out of 100
Crush Resistance 40 out of 100