Safety-Step™ Perforated is our modular drainage mat with built-in connectors on two sides that offers the greatest flexibility for large and irregular installations!


  • Modular system that offers the ability to accommodate changing workspace layout
  • Flexibility and ease to replace worn sections
  • Easily accommodates odd shaped installations
  • Multi-nibbed backing provides aeration so floors can dry quickly
  • Optional snap-on ramps available
  • Contain up to 60% recycled material

Provides a heavy-duty solution for wet areas. e.g.: Factory, Irregularly Sized Work Station, Sanding Station, Grinding Station, Food Service
*Custom mats can be ordered in sizes up to 12’x30′. Workstations can be ordered in full-foot increments, not including optional custom edging, only. Addition of Edging to a custom mat to any side increases the size of the mat by approximately 3″. Printed pricing refers only to rectangular mats.

Anti-Fatigue: 60 out of 100
Durability: 80 out of 100
Traction: 90 out of 100