Eco-Step™ is our new green generation wiper mat made of 100% P.E.T. fiber recycled surface. Saves money by extending the life of flooring assets. Provides a green matting alternative to reduce the amount of dirt, dust and pollen from entering the building. As a wiper, this mat will retains water and minimizing the risk of slips and falls.


  • Retains 20% more liquid and fine dirt than our standard Rely-On™ Olefin
  • For best results and similar colors, use in combination with our EcoPlus™ wiper/ scraper
  • ThermoFlex™ vinyl backing offers superior floor protection
  • Surface 100% made from post-consumer plastic bottles

Scraping Ability: 20 out of 100
Wiping Ability: 80 out of 100
Crush Resistance: 20 out of 100


For interior areas with light-medium traffic: Office building, Small retail store, Bank/Postal service, Church, Motel/Inn