The most efficient and innovative wiper there is, Dust-Star™ contributes to improving the air quality and cleanliness of your facility! Preventive solution that will keep dirt from spreading onto your floors. Ensures better air quality than any other known entrance mats.
  • Unique microfiber/olefin blend with incredible dust retention properties
  • Positively charged microfibers will attract hair, lint, dust and keep them from polluting the air
  • Holds close to three times more liquid than our standard Rely-On™ Olefin wiper
  • ThermoFlex™ vinyl backing offers superior floor protection

Custom sizes are available in sizes up to 11’9″ x 60″.


  • University, Airport, Hospital, Large retail store, Shopping mall, School

Scraping Ability: 20%
Wiping Ability: 100%
Crush Resistence: 60%