Our BoardwalkTM matting product line is a complete architectural solution for entrances and circulation areas, suitable for intense foot and wheeled traffic such as airports, train stations, shopping centers. This offering consists of a range of modular tiles designed to work as primary matting (outdoors or indoors) complemented by a choice of textile roll goods as secondary matting for indoor applications.


  • Highly functional tile matting offers superior performance provided by the unique modular construction
  • The closed construction of the 7/16″ tile allows for easy maintenance and is ideal for shallow matwells
  • The open construction of the 5/8″ tile allows for efficient drainage and removal of dirt and moisture

#170 – 7/16″ Thick
#171 – 5/8″ Thick

*Sold in full cases of 60 tiles only.


For interior areas with heavy traffic: University, Airport, Hospital, Large retail store, Shopping mall, School

Scraping: 70 out of 100
Wiping: 90 out of 100
Crush Resistance: 100 out of 100