• Chair Mat

    Commercial-quality chair mats in four types. Available in standard or custom sizes, with or without studs.
    • Commercial-quality chair mats for offices allow desk chairs to move effortlessly
    • Available in different models for all types of carpet and flooring and anti-static (1011 ohms per square) option
    • Clear vinyl allows carpet design and color to show through
    -General: Carpet and padded carpet
    -Extra: For medium pile/padded carpet
    -Supreme: For thick pile/ padded carpet
    -Anti-static: Option dispels static with a resistivity of 1011 ohms/sq.yd*
    *Please note: Rubber-soled shoes may act as insulators, causing the mat to function improperly.
  • SPECIALTY Disinfectant Boot Bath is our hygienic boot sanitizer mat used wherever there is a concern for cross contamination. With disinfectant solution, boot bath helps prevent contamination of your workspace. Aggressive rubber fingertips scrape bottom of boots reducing the risk of cross contamination. 2" raised wall holds disinfectant to reduce splash. FEATURES:
    • SBR rubber made to withstand heavy duty usage
    • Yellow raised edges for high visibility and increased safety
    • Contains 30% recycled materials
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Can be used with any USDA accepted disinfectant sanitizer
    APPLICATIONS Provides a light duty disinfectant solution for any area, e.g.:sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food industries, barns and stables.
  • Walk-N-Clean

    SPECIALTY Walk-N-Clean™ is the solution for cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotech industries requiring critical cleaning. Protects against growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. As a disinfectant solution, Walk-N-Clean™ will help prevent any contamination of your workspace. FDA approved for direct food contact applications. FEATURES
    • Two tray sizes available for your specific usage
    • 60 shoe-cleaning sheets treated with an anti-microbial agent
    • Nontoxic refillable frame with a nonskid backing
    • Contains 30% recycled materials
    Replacement pad size: 30" x 24" (case of four replacement pads) APPLICATIONS Provides a light duty solution for dry areas. e.g.: Laboratory, White room, Medical office and Printing facility.