• SCRAPER | MEDIUM TRAFFIC Attractive and efficient: Diamond-Deluxe™ Duet outclasses all similar scrapers in the market. Diamond surface aids in increasing scraping performance and channeling liquid away from the mat creating slip resistant surface. FEATURES
    • Effective scraper mat that removes wet and dry soils at the door
    • Beautiful two-tone vinyl loop mat provides a stylish, yet effective scraper mat
    • Distinctive embossed diamond pattern hides debris beneath the loops
    • Durable withstands high heel traffic
    • Available without backing to facilitate the flow of water (ideal for locker rooms, pools, spas etc.)
    • For exterior areas with medium traffic including Convenience stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Theaters, Museums, Convention centers
    Custom sizes are available in sizes up to 8' wide. Please contact customer service to ask about available edging/nosing. #125: with foam backing (1/2”), ideal for indoor usage #126: unbacked drain-through (3/8”)
    Scraping: 70 out of 100
    Wiping: 0 out of 100
    Crush Resistance: 80 out of 100
  • OILY AREA | BETTER Diamond Deluxe™ with grit safe™ is the perfect solution to minimize slips and falls in slippery workstations and corridors. this product will give you the best quality/price ratio. FEATURES
    • Flow through design leaves debris at the work station and reduces the transfer of dirt throughout the facility
    • Offers a safe non-slip surface that reduces the risk of slips and falls
    • Durable open loop design elevates worker and allows fluids to flow through, promoting a drier work surface
    • Especially formulated oil-resistant vinyl adds slip resistance with impregnated grit
    • Can be customized to fit your design needs
    • Provide a solution for oily areas including Factory / Garage, Work Station, Oil Changing Pit, Steel Mill, Outdoor Entrance
    Total customization up to 40' wide. Please specify all sides of custom cuts that are to have edging.
    Anti-fatigue: 40 out of 100
    Durability: 60 out of 100
    Traction: 100 out of 100
  • Dura-Step II

    OILY AREA | PREMIUM Combine comfort, flexibility and durability and you will get Dura-Step II™, the best anti-fatigue solution for harsh environments. FEATURES
    • Modular design lets you customize mats for large work areas
    • Anti fatigue properties helps to prevent aches a pains from extended standing
    • Large drain holes channel liquids away from surface
    • Heavy-duty 100% nitrile rubber mat is resistant to a wide range of oils and fluids
    • High-traction Grit-Safe™ coating provides extreme slip resistance in highly oily areas
    • Soft compound provides great anti-fatigue properties
    • Provides a heavy-duty solution for wet/oily areas including Machine shop, Auto manufacturer, Power transmission facility, Garage
    Anti-fatigue: 60 out of 100
    Durability: 80 out of 100
    Traction: 100 out of 100
  • Ergo X-Treme

    OILY AREA | PREMIUM Ergo X-Treme™ is our safest and toughest ergonomic solution for harsh environments. As a performance collection product, this mat offers maximum durability in wet or oily environments. Modular tiles offer flexibility to reconfigure the mat to accommodate changing work environments. Durable mat with an efficient drainage system for good adherence on oily surfaces. FEATURES
    • 100% oil and grease proof molded nitrile matting
    • Aggressively patterned top surface ensures maximum foot traction in slippery environments
    • Modular tiles can be assembled to fit any area
    • Safety ramps available with or without grit
    • 775 Solid Top
    • 776 Drain Through
    • 777 Grit Safe Drain Through
    • 779 Grit Safe Large Drain Through
    APPLICATIONS Provide a heavy-duty solution for oily areas e.g.: Factory, Machine shop, Auto manufacturer, Power transmission facility
    Anti-fatigue: 30 out of 100
    Durability: 100 out of 100
    Traction: 100 out of 100
    *Sold in full cases of eight tiles only. Pre-assembled workstations have borders on both of the shorter-dimension sides, and one of the longer-dimension sides.
    Custom mats can be ordered in sizes up to 9' x 21'. Workstations can be produced in 1" increments, not including any optional yellow custom edging. Addition of edging to a custom mat to any side increases the size of the mat by 3".
  • Para-Mount

    The patented nitrile rubber construction of our Para-Mount mat resists water, oil, and solvents while reducing environmental noise. Tough enough to withstand an industrial laundry system and built to handle on-the- spot cleaning with pressure hoses.
    • ¾” thick, providing greater support for those applications that require even more time spent standing in place
    • Anti-fatigue mat reduces strains, pains, and claims caused by prolonged standing
    • Anti-microbial properties help it prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth
    • Closed cell construction helps eliminate absorption of liquids and fluids
    • Light-weight and easy to clean
    • Cashier Station, Hotel Front Desk and Pharmacy, Retail Work Counter
    Anti-Fatigue: 100 out of 100
    Durability: 80 out of 100
    Traction: 50 out of 100
  • OILY AREA | BEST FEATURES Safe-Flow Plus™ is our classic and most versatile drainage mat for oily and greasy environments. Provides maximum resistance to water, oil, grease, chemicals and animal fats.
    • 100% nitrile rubber cushion
    • Contains anti-microbial agent that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungus
    • Molded ramps provide increased safety
    *It is recommended to have at least two connectors along each edge being joined.
    APPLICATION Provides a medium to heavy-duty solution for wet/oily areas e.g.: Food processing and packaging, Kitchen, Industrial work station, Freezer/Cold storage.
    Anti-fatigue: 30 out of 100
    ADurability: 60 out of 100
    traction: 70 out of 100
  • WET/OILY AREA | PREMIUM Safety-Step™ Perforated is our modular drainage mat with built-in connectors on two sides that offers the greatest flexibility for large and irregular installations! FEATURES
    • Modular system that offers the ability to accommodate changing workspace layout
    • Flexibility and ease to replace worn sections
    • Easily accommodates odd shaped installations
    • Multi-nibbed backing provides aeration so floors can dry quickly
    • Optional snap-on ramps available
    • Contain up to 60% recycled material
    Provides a heavy-duty solution for wet areas. e.g.: Factory, Irregularly Sized Work Station, Sanding Station, Grinding Station, Food Service *Custom mats can be ordered in sizes up to 12'x30'. Workstations can be ordered in full-foot increments, not including optional custom edging, only. Addition of Edging to a custom mat to any side increases the size of the mat by approximately 3". Printed pricing refers only to rectangular mats.
    Anti-Fatigue: 60 out of 100
    Durability: 80 out of 100
    Traction: 90 out of 100
  • Safewalk

    WET/OILY | PREMIUM FEATURES Safewalk™ is our heavy-duty mat with square edges providing drainage and durability! Durable heavy duty rubber mat designed to last longer than other mats. Anti-fatigue properties help prevent aches & pains from extended standing.
    • Heavy-duty rubber with circular drain through holes
    • Resilient rubber compound reduces the effects of fatigue
    • Colored borders available for increased safety and identification
    • Contain up to 40% recycled material
    APPLICATION Provides a heavy-duty solution for wet areas. e.g.: Industrial Work Station, Food Processing, Kitchen, Bar, Cafeteria
    Anti-Fatigue 60 out of 100
    Durability 70 out of 100
    Traction 80 out of 100
  • WET/OILY AREA | BEST FEATURES Safewalk-Light™ is our economical drainage mat that offers superior traction and good resistance to oil and fats! Raised base promotes movement of liquids resulting in a safer work environment. Designed as a lightweight product that is easy to handle, clean and maintain.
    • Provides better slip resistance than ceramic and cement floors
    • Nitrile rubber blend increases the resistance to oil and fats
    • Low profile and molded edging
    • Contains 15% recycled material
    *10' length mats and longer have a seam every 5' APPLICATIONS Provides a light to medium-duty solution for oily areas e.g.: Kitchen, Cafeteria and Cookline, Food Processing facility and the Packaging industry
    Anti-Fatigue 30 out of 100
    Durability 50 out of 100
    Traction 70 out of 100
  • Sani-Tred

    WET AREA / BETTER FEATURES Sani-Tred is the ultimate matting for use in wet areas where barefoot traffic is extensive! Improves safety by reducing the opportunity for slips and falls in showers, pools and spas. Inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria attributed to the spread of athletes foot. Effective indoors or outdoors.
    • Open grid construction made from nonporous extruded PVC sections
    • Slip resistant, embossed surface
    • Sanitized anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives
    • UV resistant (except red)
    APPLICATIONS Provides a heavy-duty solution for wet areas. e.g.: Wet area, Swimming pool, Saunas and Jacuzzi
    Anti-Fatigue 30 out of 100
    Durability 100 out of 100
    Traction 100 out of 100