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Precision cut to ensure accuracy, Graphic Inlay® mats are designed to boost logo and message presence while protecting floors of all types.

Known for delivering striking clarity and attractive texture, Graphic-Inlay mats provide the perfect image-enhancing “Welcome” at entrance ways, office building lobbies, schools, airports and sport concourses; all while keeping dirt at bay and decreasing maintenance costs.

Perfect for promoting a business or service in lower-traffic environments; you won’t find a better overall value. Offering logo builds using up to 4 colors; flocked mats are available up to a maximum mat size of 4′ x 6′.

These mats are a popular indoor choice for small office buildings, assisted living facilities, or in front of display units where a promotional message can boost product awareness and drive incremental sales.

Embossed anti-fatigue mats couple sharp, bold graphics with the benefit of comforting tired feet and legs.

A great choice for veterinary clinics, yacht/boat showroom playforms, kiosk stations for national accounts and online store promotional mats.

Combine unlimited color combinations with up to 10x the definition of traditionally printed mats, and you’ll understand why customers choose HD Jet-Print when they require high impact messaging.

This mat is designed specifically for use indoors both in aisles and around counters and kiosks.

Our classic digitally enhanced logo wiper mat builds your image, while making entrance areas safer and any environment cleaner.

An excellent choice when placing mats around kiosks and counters, as well as aisle and entryways.